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For those in our local area we are offering you the chance to experience some Caribbean flavours in the comfort of your own home and of course, in a more homely style than the food served at our supper clubs. I can't wait to get our supper club up and running again & plans to have a Myristica restaurant in the local area are still in the pipeline, so I thought why not give you a taste of the Caribbean beforehand! 

The menu is simple and has already been tried and tested at many corporate buildings, each time being a success!

Reasons to order

  • This concept has been served at Goldman Sachs, Reed Smith, Prudential, Amazon, PWC, WeWork and many other corporate buildings has gone down a real treat every time!

  • This is a great chance to support a small business and also others including those in our local area.

  • All the labour intensive chopping, marinading and seasoning will already be done. And if you simply want to reheat and not cook at all you have the option to do so at the checkout. Think Gousto, but easier and better!

  • This is an opportunity to keep your weekly household meals exciting.

  • Break up what may be a monotonous week by having something different to look forward to!

So, what is the menu?

I call this one, The Rasta Bowl, think of a Buddha bowl, but Caribbean!


The idea is that you get a balanced meal which includes, pulses, grains, legumes and fresh vegetables. The main element will change weekly, but the sides will generally stay the same meaning that you have some staples to look forward to, but a varied main dish to keep it exciting each week.

Also, we'll rarely add chilli to the meal so that those within your family with different spice levels can enjoy. Instead, we'll recommend that if you want a kick then you add some of our scotch bonnet mayonnaise!

Our Last Menu


Half or a Whole Jerk Chicken 


Rice and peas (red kidney beans) cooked in coconut milk

Chilli roasted British carrots 

Thyme roasted peppers

Fresh green leaf salad

Citrus dressing with lime


Pineapple and mint salad

There is no delivery charge

Any orders above £50 receive a 15% discount by using the code: FAMILY

Please Note: These photos have been taken by an amateur (Michelle) however the plated version shows food portioned out onto am 11" dinner plate to give you an idea of sizes 

Mains you can expect to see to accompany the above in the future:

Jamaican style braised grass fed beef

Caribbean spiced grass-fed rib eye beef steak (8oz)

Curried mutton

Jerk Chicken

Curried chicken

Spiced belly of pork

Roast lamb shoulder

Whole Caribbean spiced chicken

1/4 side of Caribbean spiced salmon

Polenta & tomato 'cake' with vegetables

Spiced sweet potato burgers

Coconut, kidney bean, vegetable and dumpling stew

'Jerk' Halloumi 

To keep in line with our ethos of cooking food well, not all elements will be cooked, some parts will be raw for you to finish at home to your own liking. 

Notes to bear in mind before ordering

Please let us know of any allergies you have (although we cannot guarantee we can cater to this) 

Due to the nature of this service we cannot cater to dietary requirements or allergies. 

© 2020 By Michelle Trusselle. 


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