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About Myristica

About Myristica

Myristica is a London based supper club serving modern Caribbean inspired cuisine.

Our monthly supper club greets you with a welcome cocktail, canapés and a five course tasting menu.


Dishes are rooted in Caribbean flavours and traditions while also celebrating the local and seasonal ingredients that England offers. We provide a unique and modern approach to the traditionally homely and soul satisfying food of the Caribbean and do so in a friendly and warm atmosphere. 


From Caribbean ingredients we create new exciting dishes and when it comes to the well-known dishes of the islands, we refine them by pushing the boundaries of tradition whilst keeping true to the core flavours that make these dishes what they are. Everything on our menu is carefully thought out and if our menu says it, we will be serving it to you... and with a smile too!

Myristica: Contemporary Caribbean Dining

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"This is Caribbean Royalty on a plate!"

Marcus Wareing, Michelin starred chef 

"I love everything she did here...

Yes Michelle, Yes!"

- Grace Dent, The Guardian

"The stuff of dreams...I don't want it to end! What a talent...What a Night!"

- Felicity Spector, Food Journalist

"When Michelle cooks from her roots, its when she's at her


Monica Galetti, MasterChef Judge

What does Myristica mean?

Mer - rist - ick - ah


Myristica is the Latin name for the type of tree that gives us the two spices Nutmeg and Mace. 


Nutmeg is native to the small island in the Caribbean called Grenada, commonly known as the 'Island of Spice' due to its naturally large production of nutmeg and other spices in comparison to the islands size.


The nutmeg is so important to Grenadians that it also features on their national flag. Michelle's heritage stems from this small tropical island. 

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Private Events

Myristica is available for private hire for any occasion you may have. With government restrictions permitting we can create bespoke private supper clubs, a private at home Myristica dining experience, summer BBQs, corporate lunches and everything in between. Fill out the form below and we'll get in contact with you.

Thanks for submitting!

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"Save the Airfare. Travel to the Caribbean with Michelle Trusselle’s Myristica SupperClub"

- House Of CoCo

"Caribbean flavours and ingredients that promise to bring a burst of sunshine" 

- Foodism

"The capital is finally getting some real island-style fine dining."

- The Nudge

Some of our clients:
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