St Vincent Relief Fund

The island of St Vincent is the largest island of the island chain which forms the country named 'St Vincent & The Grenadines.'


It is located between St Lucia and Grenada in the Caribbean sea.


On Friday April 9 2021, the La Soufrière volcano on the beautiful small island of St Vincent erupted, this was the first of many eruptions.

These volcano eruptions have caused many to have to flee their homes and many have no access to clean water let alone food. The islands crops have been destroyed and the usually vibrant green, tropical tree covered grounds of the island are now covered in dull grey ash. 

What is worse is that soon hurricane season will be bringing all its difficult ailments to this island which is trying so hard to rebuild.

Chef James Cochran has set up a relief fund for St Vincent and for its people. He will be making sure that the money reaches those who need it most by working with local charities and organisations to ensure that it does.

Any donation will be greatly received, no matter how small it will help make a huge difference to those who need it!

If you are able to make a donation; simply click here.

Thank you

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