MasterChef: The Professionals Rematch 2019 - Behind the Scenes!

Updated: Jan 21

Well! That was intense wasn't it!

By now you will have seen the final edited version of the MasterChef: The Professionals Rematch 2019 was a crazy 48 hours of filming aside from the actual competition itself, so we thought we'd give you a sneaky peak under the hood of what that entailed!

When I was first approached by the Production team I was naturally excited, but also the feelings of fear and dread were there too...the MasterChef kitchen has been the graveyard of many a chef's career...but it can also shape and mould skills as I learnt the first time round. Being under the spotlight will do that to you...the process really forces you to discover yourself as a Chef and to find what it is that makes your food different. Whilst I have never been more confident in the style of food I do now, nothing compares to cooking in such a short time frame, with the aim to wow the judges and complete it all in time... whilst being filmed! 

Not only that but the chefs I was cooking alongside are amazing. For those who follow my personal instagram account on instagram (@chefmichelletrusselle) you may of noticed that I actually joined Adam Handling for a day at his restaurant The Frog not too long ago and celebrated my wedding anniversary there. I had a fantastic time there and his food is definitely a must try! Sven's food also showcases a real farm to fork ethos as he's inspired by the fields and pastures of Melbourne Estate in South Derbyshire and brings it to your plate. He is actually hosting an event at Carousel, I'll be there on Friday sitting down at his supper club and I honestly can't wait.

This time round was a little different though as for the second year running MasterChef had hit the road to catch up with five of the competition’s most successful past contestants, whose careers have been transformed since competing. I assume in a way that would appeal to nervous potential contestants that need a bit of encouragement...I know I certainly did back then...

Naturally, I have been immensely proud of my achievements during the first time I was in the MasterChef kitchen, but more importantly how it helped me to shape my vision of what 'my' food should be and to have the encouragement I needed to start on the journey that is Myristica.

The filming crew are awesome people, experienced and highly professional. They work incredibly hard to get as much footage as possible to showcase everything correctly, us chefs thought we done long hours - these guys are incredible! I remember from my first time being on the show it was amazing to see how many days of filming actually ended up being one episode! I add now that I am referring to all the background information and other shots, when you are in the kitchen under a time constraint you are not allowed extra time!  

Whilst I can't share too much with you, as the secrets that make MasterChef so successful are closely guarded, what I wanted to do is to share some special insights of the days spent filming to make the whole experience more here are our favourite snaps of the filming in the Myristica kitchen and then the supper club itself...enjoy!

Scroll down a little further for the highlight reel of the show, the full version is available via BBCiPlayer too.

So what's next for Myristica? Well...I will be taking a few days off as there are a few dishes I am working on to be ready for our first supper club of the year which will be in February. With all of our scheduled 2020 dates sold out we have decided to release more dates. So if you'd like to dine with us then head to the Myristica Home Page and join us as a subscriber to know first when we release more dates! Also, if there's a sold out date you'd like to attend, simply email us the date and amount of tickets you would like so we can add you to The Waiting List.

Having decided to focus all of my efforts on developing Myristica, 2020 will be an interesting year for us, we remain very thankful for all the support from you guys as our clients and look forward to developing new dishes for you to try in the months to come...

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