Introducing: The 6th Grenada Chocolate Festival 2019

So it is official...I am thrilled to confirm that I will be attending the 6th Grenada Chocolate Festival next month (June 2019)!!!

I was contacted by the Grenada Tourism Authority a few months ago and have been asked to assist in promoting the beautiful island of Grenada as a tourist destination. Needless to say I was both honoured and humbled to be considered and gratefully accepted.

Working with the Grenada Tourism Authority and Magdelena Fielden from the True Blue Bay Beach Resort, I will be cooking a one off opulent chocolatey dessert and discussing all things culinary with those lucky enough to be attending the festival. I'm already so excited that I've come up with five different desserts to make and really need to narrow it down to just one!

Guests will also be able to join me for a hands on cooking class as we cook lunch together and enjoy the making of our own hands as we overlook the beautiful Caribbean view! It really is going to be amazing!

As you can probably tell, it really is a huge thing for me to promote the Caribbean and all it has to offer. Given my skill set, naturally that will usually be through food! The ingredients available in the Caribbean are incredible to work with: the variety, the quality and even the fact that aren't given the credit that is due to them makes them so unique and appealing...all of this I love to help others learn about. With the Myristica Supper Club we are all about the education process of those lesser know dishes and ingredients. So the opportunity to work with the Grenada Tourist Authority fits us to a tee, or a cocoa tea we could say!

To be on the island again is going to be so exciting...and to be alongside such hard working & passionate people as Magdelena and her Team is going to be something really special and memorable.

Grenada is well known as the Island of Spice, but not many people know that some of the best Chocolate available is from this special island.

Chocolate is a big deal in the Caribbean, and more recently Grenada has been part of that journey. There are a total of 5 (at the last count) small companies that create artisan chocolate on the island. What makes this remarkable is that the island is a small one, and the cocoa is grown, harvested and turned into chocolate all within the nation...such a beautiful concept.

For a really good summary of the chocolate situation on the Island of Grenada, I would recommend this blog by chocolate journalist, Sharon Terenzi. It is a really informative and well-researched piece.

I never got to meet the late great Mott Green, but he was one of the founding fathers of the Grenada Chocolate Company whose ethical approach of bean-to-bar chocolate is one that is easily admired...not least because the flavour of their chocolate takes me straight back to the sandy shores of that jewel in the ocean that is...Grenada! His legacy lives on through the work of the different chocolate creators that work hard to bring out the best from the beautiful raw cacao that gives us the chocolate that we are so familiar with...

So, if you fancy a break from the dull grey of dear old Blighty, then I'd be delighted to meet up with you at the Grenada Chocolate Festival 2019...yikes! June is just a few days a way, I'd better start packing...!

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